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1. Added German made Heavy Duty CNC Floor Boring Machine with 'X' Axis 13.5m and 'Y' Axis 5m Travel. Spindle dia 160mm. Table size 2000 X 3000mm and 50T weight capacity.

2. Added L&T MESSER CNC PROFILE CUTTING MACHINE with following specification

* Track Length : 16000mm
* Cutting Length : 13000 mm
* Track width : 4000mm
* Cutting width : 3000mm

3. Added CMM (Portable)

* Make : FARO
* Range : 12 FT (13.7M)


About Us


EMPKEE ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED is established in the year of 1996 managed by Board of Directors. We specialized in manufacturing of Heavy Engineering Fabricated and Machined components.

We are the Team comprising of qualified Engineers and Technicians well motivated towards continual improvement in all spheres of organizational activities.



  1. Shaping upto 1000 mm length
  2. Lathe works upto 3000mm diameter and 6000mm length
  3. Plano-milling upto 2000mm width and 3000mm length
  4. Planning machine upto 2000mm width and 6000mm length
  5. Hydraulic Press upto 50mm thick and 5000mm width
  6. Shearing Machine Operation
  7. Heat Treatment
  8. Sand Blasting
  9. X-Ray / Magnetic Particle / Ultrasonic testing
  10. Hard Chrome plating and for other special surface protection processes
  11. Galvanizing

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